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How To Setup Seren Addon With Your Real Debrid Account

1. Make sure to create and purchase a Real Debrids account following the Real Debrids video in SdStreams tutorials page.
2. Inside SdStreams Kodi under the Extras tab click on Favorites then click on Seren Settings Menu.
3. A Settings box will popup, select the line Accounts in the left bar, then scroll down to find Enable Real Debrid in the right bar and click to switch on.
4. Continue to scroll down and click Authorize Real Debrid.
5. A Real Debrid Auth box will popup and showing you a CODE like as XXXXXX.
6. Now, using any web browser like as Chrome, Firefox, IE from any device (PC, Laptop, Smart phones etc…) go to the official Real Debris website: “https://real-debrid.com/device” then enter the authorization CODE (displayed on popup) now click on the Continue button (You must be logged into your Real Debrid account).
7. You’ll be asked to allow permissions and set a name, click allow and any name that you want, you can type Seren. Now back in SdStreams Kodi you’ll see a “Real Debrid Authentication is completed” dialog on upper right corner. You’re all done. You can now use Seren.
*SdStreams Live TV Service disclaimer: IPTV Services have if not gotten better over time but to be clear the payment is for the live tv service package of your choosing of either 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Service is a live internet tv streaming provider. You will be paying around a 10th of what a mainstream company would offer for one month of service. As with all live iptv services they are subject to change at any moment do to unforeseen events such as, weather, mechanical/hardware failure or mandatory shutdown brought on by any legal or company suit. Most understand even a month of services with the many live channels, pay per view events, sports packages and premium movie channels should suffice the amount saved from paying a mainstream cable company. Anyone is free to sign up with any cable company at any moment if they choose to pay extremely high prices. With that noted, all SdStreams live tv sales are non-refundable, non-transferable and final.
**Buffering determined by internet connection, network hardware and unforeseen bad weather interruptions